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Li Zhe "Tiger" speaks to his fans - ENGLISH

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My Fans and the press


I would like to thanks all my fans for their support. I want to make a difference by  promoting the great sport values to my youngest fans, in order to help these children find their own way.  For this reason I enjoy going on court with the children and I believe that I can promote with them the values of working hard and never give up in order to achieve their dream

My family


 My wife Yang Wen and daughter YoYo have been very supportive of my tennis. We live in Tianjin a city located 1 hours from Beijing. I have been training in this city all my life. It is not easy to be a professional tennis player traveling all the time and at the same time a good dad but thanks my wife, she is doing a great job which allows me to be able to focus on my tennis and I thank her every day for all her wonderful support.

My Team


My new coach Jean-Philippe Fleurian (in yellow) was a top 30 ATP singles player with great victories in his career. Since we started to work together in November 2018, my tennis level accelerated to reach new levels. JP has been helping me on my new tennis strategy, but also on my mental preparation and he is also taking care of my communication. 

My fitness coach Yang Yi (in red) has been a key person in my physical development, he has been training me for so many years in Tianjin. 

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